Identified defects shown on tube sheet

Inspection on Condensate Stabilizer Reboiler Tubes

THE CHALLENGE The owner and operator of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility has an old reboiler which is prone to corrosion and rust formation due to the environment that they operate in. Their intention is to know the extent of corrosion and to ascertain the type of corrosion (erosion or pits). Though IRIS was […]

APRIS inspection on water boiler tubes

Water Boiler tubes inspection in Indonesia

THE CHALLENGE A client in the power sector wanted to validate a new technology that would increase their efficiency in tube inspection. Four cut boiler tubes were prepared for an APRIS trial as a test. LOCATION: IndonesiaCONFIGURATION OF TUBES: Water boiler tubes Tube Specification of Sample Tubes DATE OF INSPECTION: 6 September 2021DATE OF REPORT […]

Tube sheet defects marking using APRIS software

APRIS Inspection on HX tubes in China

DATE OF INSPECTION: 24 July 2021LOCATION: Guangzhou, China TOTAL NO. OF TUBES: 1,452CONFIGURATION OF TUBES: StraightTUBE OUTER DIAMETER: 19mmTUBE THICKNESS: 2mmTUBE LENGTH: 9m THE CHALLENGE The client had a short turn-around schedule and wanted the heat exchanger tubes inspected within 3 days of cleaning. THE SOLUTION Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Technology Inspection System (APRIS) can identify […]

APRIS - Defect Map

Inspection of DePropanizer Reboiler Tubes

INTRODUCTION & PROBLEM STATEMENT Trinidad is the leading exporter of oil & gas on a global scale. A major natural gas processing and fractionating company were facing challenges on their aging heat exchangers. Since conventional technologies require higher degree of cleaning and a longer duration of inspection, end-user was in a stalemate position due to […]

Coil-wound heat exchanger

Inspection of Vaporizers in Regasification

INTRODUCTION The outlook of LNG is evolving day to day. A lot of LNG terminals are heading towards miniaturization due to myriad methods of regasification methods. Various processes are involved, and the optimization depends on the location of the plant, its environmental conditions, and the production output. As soon as the LNG carrier or vessel […]

Inspection of heat exchanger using APRIS

Inspection of Cooler Tubes in a Mining Plant

INTRODUCTION Mining is the economic foundation of many countries. In mining/mineral processing, industrial equipment is often jacketed (sleeved) with flowing water to cool fluids and absorb process heat. This equipment generates a very large heat load that can disrupt operations, if not properly handled. Leaks in the process can cause hydrocarbons to contaminate the cooling […]

heat exchanger defects labelled

APRIS Inspection on Utube

DATE OF INSPECTION: 11 Sept 2019 LOCATION: Italy TOTAL NO. OF TUBES INSPECTED: 4 CONFIGURATION: U-tube TUBE OUTER DIAMETER: 25.4mm TUBE THICKNESS: 2.771mm TUBE LENGTH: 12.6m THE CHALLENGE The client would like to verify the capability of acoustic pulse reflectometry inspection system (APRIS) for U-bend tube. THE SOLUTION Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry technology (APR) can identify […]

Fault distribution on face place with yellow dots showing blockage using APRIS software

APRIS Inspection on Condenser

DATE OF INSPECTION: 4-8 Oct 2019 LOCATION: Malaysia Power Plant TOTAL NO. OF TUBES INSPECTED: 11,264 CONFIGURATION: Straight Tube TUBE OUTER DIAMETER: 25.4mm TUBE THICKNESS: 0.711mm TUBE LENGTH: 8.256m THE CHALLENGE The client’s condensers have thin wall tubes that cannot withstand high pressure cleaning as it will damage the tubes. The only solution for cleaning […]

Fault distribution on faceplate using APRIS software

APR Inspection on Condensate Stabilizer Reboiler

DATE OF INSPECTION: 26 March 2011 LOCATION: Singapore TOTAL NO. OF TUBES INSPECTED: 154 (U) CONFIGURATION: U-type MATERIAL: Duplex Stainless Steel TUBE OUTER DIAMETER: 19.5mm TUBE THICKNESS: 2.11mm TUBE LENGTH: 10m THE CHALLENGE The client was having problems inspecting U-type condensate stabilizer reboilers in a short amount of time. His usual inspection procedure used eddy […]

apris inspection on twisted tubes

Quick Solution to Inspection of Twisted Tube

DATE OF INSPECTION: 22 Jan 2020 LOCATION: Singapore TOTAL NO. OF TUBES INSPECTED: 2 CONFIGURATION: Twisted, Straight tube MATERIAL: SS316 PITCH: 137.16mm (5.4”) TUBE OUTER DIAMETER: 19.05mm TUBE THICKNESS: 2.01mm TUBE LENGTH: 1.5m INTRODUCTION Twisted tube or corrugated tube has higher thermal-hydraulic performance, higher thermal effectiveness, lower fouling and cleanability and vibration avoidance. They are […]

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