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Take a peek into how our symbiotic relationship can help you maintain heat exchanger operational efficiency.


The IPCO Plug //

IPCO Plugs (IPX1 and IPX4) can seal heat exchangers tubes safer and faster than traditional systems. This saves you a lot of time and money. In short: Maintenance without delay!

IPCO Plugs are also certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). This means that: the design and manufacture of IPCO Plugs meet strict, essential safety requirements. This offers the asset owner peace of mind. 

  1. Provides a safe and reliable seal. 
  2. Does not cause damage to adjacent tubes and the tube sheet, thanks to the controlled installation force. 
  3. Is reliable during the life of the heat exchanger under the most severe conditions. 
  4. Has a correct, simple and clear check of the sizing of the pipe, thanks to the supplied sizing caliber. 
  5. Has dimensions and codes based on the metric system. 
  6. Has lower installation costs compared to welded, explosive or other mechanical plugs. 
  7. Is systematically subjected to leak, blow out, deformation and break tests.

Maintenance without delay!

IPCO Plugs seal heat exchanger tubes faster and safer than traditional systems, saving time and money.

ipco plugs
ipco plugs

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Fully certified according to the PED, Pressure Equipment Directive.
Safe and reliable for the lifetime of the heat exchanger.
Two versions: IPX4 for big range and IPX1 extreme high pressure.
Many different materials to suit applications.
Most IPCO Plugs and tools from stock.
TP Tube Testing system, also available

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