IPCO Plug: Meeting Strict Safety Requirements for Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging

IPCO Plug Meeting Strict Safety Requirements for Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging


IPCO is proud to meet the strictest safety requirements when it comes to heat exchanger tube plugging. Here's how they do it:


IPCO continuously develops, implements, and improves its operating processes, ensuring a constant quality of products, giving customers complete confidence and satisfaction.

IPCO's ISO 9001 quality system means that the company's internal processes are continuously developed, implemented, and improved to ensure the highest level of quality in its products.

This ensures that customers can be confident and satisfied with the quality of IPCO's products.

The ISO 9001 standard is widely recognized and respected in the industry and serves as a testament to IPCO's commitment to providing high-quality products.


IPCO's experts use their professional knowledge and practical experience to design safe, innovative, and user-friendly products of high quality that meet the ever-changing regulations and specific material requirements.

IPCO is committed to providing innovative, safe, and user-friendly products of the highest quality.

The company draws on the expertise of its experts during the design phase to ensure that all products meet or exceed the latest regulations and material requirements.

This commitment to product development ensures that IPCO's products are always at the forefront of the industry, providing customers with the most advanced and reliable solutions.


IPCO Plugs meet the essential safety requirements laid down in the PED Directive, guaranteeing peace of mind for asset owners.

IPCO Plugs are also manufactured under strict supervision and are fully traceable and identifiable.

The IPCO Plugs are certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), which ensures that the design and manufacture of IPCO Plugs meet essential safety requirements.

This gives asset owners peace of mind, knowing that their pressure equipment is safe and reliable.


IPCO's production line of plugs is fully traceable and identifiable, meaning that customers can easily identify which plugs belong to which batch.

This ensures that if any issues arise, IPCO can easily identify the source of the problem and take corrective action.

Additionally, all materials used in the manufacturing process have a valid material certificate, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.


Throughout the entire process, IPCO Plugs are subjected to various tests to ensure their quality and reliability.

These tests include hydrostatic tests, pressure tests, and leak tests.

These tests are conducted to ensure that IPCO Plugs meet or exceed the strict standards set forth by the PED guidelines.

By conducting these tests, IPCO ensures that its products are safe and reliable, providing asset owners with peace of mind.


IPCO sets high requirements for suppliers, raw materials, storage, product packaging, and internal and external quality controls.

This ensures that all IPCO Plugs are of the highest quality and meet or exceed the strict standards set forth by the PED guidelines.

Additionally, IPCO's commitment to quality and safety extends beyond its own products, ensuring that all suppliers meet the same high standards.


In conclusion, IPCO Plugs meet strict safety requirements for heat exchanger tube plugging.

IPCO's commitment to quality and safety ensures that its products are innovative, safe, and reliable, providing customers with peace of mind.

With its ISO 9001 quality system, commitment to product development, and adherence to PED guidelines, IPCO is the industry leader in heat exchanger tube plugging.

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